What if

Implant Surgeries

took less than

20 minutes?

introducing the



Implant Surgeons Using Loocid BCP™ ​

200+ Successful Loocid Surgeries have been performed around the U.S. already. 

Dr. Warren Brooks


Efficient and precise osteotomy preparation compared to sequential drilling.

Dr. Nora Kahenasa

Oral Surgeon

Efficient and precise osteotomy preparation compared to sequential drilling.

Peter Moy

Oral Surgeon

Efficient and precise osteotomy preparation compared to sequential drilling.

Always Below 39° C

Stay away from a negative thermal experience
Loocid BCP protects bone cells as it’s always kept below 39°C. 
Compare to other pilot drills delivering 80-100°C temperatures.


Unmatched Innovation

Denmoy offers multiple benefits with the Loocid BCP Drill.
Simple | Safe | Savings


1 Loocid BCP™ Drill vs 5-6 Drills


Higher Osseointegration Rates


Works with Any Implant System


Manufactured in Germany


Safe Implants in Three Minutes


Natural Graft Tissues

Bone Harvest Easily

Drill and harvest at the same time. Within seconds you have natural materials for use. 

Stop purchasing extra biological material. Use the patient’s own natural materials.

The Loocid BCP™ drill easily and quickly harvests bone for use on patients. 


Bone Harvesting Drills

Fast Implants

The Loocid BCP™ drill offers in-and-out surgeries. 

Bed Preparation: No time is spent waiting for the implant bed to cool down as Loocid drills stay under 39°C.

One Drill: No time is spent switching out 6 different drills as Loocid needs as few as 1 drill. 

18 Minute Average: Loocid BCP™ implants are between 15 – 20 minutes from the patient sitting down in the chair.

83 - 90% Savings

Preparation Surgery Recovery Time and Costs

Less time and money spent on implant surgery and recovery.
More time. More surgeries. More patients.

Get 89% Of Your Time Back

What would you do with getting back 89% of your time back?

Implants: The current implant surgery process has not innovated for years. Surgeries are still using 6+ drills and last up to 3 hours. 

Recovery: In as little as 6 weeks, the crown can go on the implant. No more waiting 6 months for the crown. 

Imagine how refreshed you and your patient will feel. 


176 min. from Sit Down
  • 1 x Pilot Drill
  • 1 x Drill One
  • 1 x Drill Two
  • 1 x Drill Three
  • 1 x Drill Four
  • 1 x Drill Five
  • 1 x Drill Six
  • 1 x Patient in Pain
  • 1 x Tired Doctor

Loocid BCP™

18 min. from Sit Down​
  • 1 x Loocid BCP™ Drill
  • 1 x Smiling Patient
  • 1 x Refreshed Doctor

Cut 83% of Costs

Traditional implant kits cost $5,846 on average.

The Loocid BCP™​ kit costs only $999!

That’s a savings of 83% in instrument costs alone.

Add the 89% of your time back and you’ve saved even more money.